ANGUS MCPHEE - Weaver of Grass

ANGUS MCPHEE or MACPHEE was a crofter from Uist who spent almost 50 years in a Highland psychiatric hospital. During this time he chose not to speak - instead he wove a series of incredible costumes out of grass. These he hung on trees in the hospital grounds.

This blog follows the progress of HORSE + BAMBOO THEATRE as they develop and tour a show about Angus....

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A full-length film

It's the 24th of the month - so it's time for an update! Actually the fact that the previous blogs were both done on that day is entirely coincidental. 

I've started editing together a full-length film of 'Angus - Weaver of Grass' from filming undertaken at the two Boo shows, and the Square Chapel performance in Halifax. I hope to complete this by the end of next week. It's a joy to watch the performances on film - and I'm quite amazed at how much I can enjoy watching the same pieces over and over while deciding on an edit. Above is our 3-minute trailer - a taster of the performance. 

The news on a future tour is that we're beginning to get bookings - there's a lot of interest in the show out there. But, as ever, there will be a need for some financial subsidy as we can't use any of our Arts Council of England support towards a Scottish tour. Esther tells me that we should know the result of our application to Creative Scotland early in January 2013.


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  2. Is that another tour of it? or a film to be made? and can it be both please so I can bring my family next time!

  3. I'll make sure everyone involved gets a film - and, yes, we're hoping there will be a tour in 2013 as there's so much interest. Fingers crossed!