ANGUS MCPHEE - Weaver of Grass

ANGUS MCPHEE or MACPHEE was a crofter from Uist who spent almost 50 years in a Highland psychiatric hospital. During this time he chose not to speak - instead he wove a series of incredible costumes out of grass. These he hung on trees in the hospital grounds.

This blog follows the progress of HORSE + BAMBOO THEATRE as they develop and tour a show about Angus....

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A first run

Mel Deans sits at my desk and colour-codes the updated technical cue sheet from Angus - Weaver of Grass. In the foreground a card from Frances Merriman, unable to take part this year, wishing us all luck with the production. 

On Friday afternoon we ran the whole show for the first time. After just five days of rehearsal. Mel and Jordanna O'Neill, our other new cast member, have really done amazing work. Not only do they have to remember their roles, but all the technical cues (the performers also operate lights, sound, and video) and the choreography of moving screens and puppets around the stage. In Mel Dean's case there's also all the mainly unaccompanied Gaelic songs and the narrations to learn. 

The run was good too. Plenty to do next week but it's a relief to take a weekend break feeling this confident about the new production and the cast. Of course Jonny (Quick) and Mark (Whitaker) remain from the 2012 production and they've also done an great job of helping Mel and Jordanna find their way into the show.

I'm told that we still have tickets left for the preview/opening show of the 2013 tour. This is at the Boo, in Waterfoot. So if you want to be there, right at the start, it's next Friday August 16th, at 7.30pm. Go to our on-line shop and snaffle yourself a ticket. It's to be found at .

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