ANGUS MCPHEE - Weaver of Grass

ANGUS MCPHEE or MACPHEE was a crofter from Uist who spent almost 50 years in a Highland psychiatric hospital. During this time he chose not to speak - instead he wove a series of incredible costumes out of grass. These he hung on trees in the hospital grounds.

This blog follows the progress of HORSE + BAMBOO THEATRE as they develop and tour a show about Angus....

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Angus is resting...

The Angus - Weaver of Grass set has now been carefully stored away; our technical equipment has been filleted out from the staging and the props and is ready for re-use in Red Riding Hood and other future productions. In the course of doing these things we have also measured and sorted everything in case the next journey for the show is to Canada.

Esther has reported back from her trip to Nova Scotia and we're very excited about the prospect of the show crossing the Atlantic. Of course this isn't a straightforward thing to do - funding for the travel has to be found, and a decision has to be made about how the large elements of the set - mainly the woodwork - are transported. Jonny has started doing some work on this - and the solution will be to rebuild them in Canada in advance of the tour. But by who? Do we send someone over, or do we find someone to do the job for us? The job isn't totally straightforward because as anybody who has seen 'Angus' knows, everything is at odd angles! Fortunately we do  have old friends Anne and Brad, of Shadowland Theatre, living and working on Ward's Island in Toronto, and perhaps they would know how we could do this? I've written...

Meanwhile our attention turns to other projects while the actors/performers have moved away to other things, although Jonny Quick and Mark Whitaker are both involved in soon-to-happen H+B shows. 

For now there's lot of work for Esther to do, seeing if she can move forward the idea of the east Canadian tour (plus there's interest in Germany too), and the memories and friendships that were made these two past summers in Scotland.


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